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 The bees are back inside the house again.  I will plant some flowers this week to try to give them some food options.  It's quite bad.  They were hanging around the langos dough quite a bit, perhaps they liked the smell of yeast?

They appear to be a native bee.  I've taken photos of them and sent them to someone to have them identified so I can find out what plants they like.  I'm quite worried, because bees are already under threat and absolutely crucial animals.  They pollinate the majority of our food and without them, we don't eat.   It's been sad seeing them so desperate.   Poor things. 
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 Langos - Hungarian deep fried bread. I made some today for the first time in around 8 months. I absolutely adore langos.  It's a very basic dough, flour, yeast and salt (a plain boiled mashed potato is optional), but needs a 30 minute knead to be very elastic.  Serve topped with salt, garlic and a squeeze of lemon. 

So tasty and I love every last bit of it. Nt for those trying to reduce calorie intake, but definitely an amazing treat food.  

Will respond to responses 
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   Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.  Subjects given by [ profile] catdraco 

  1. BDCs or "Big Diva Chicks".                                                                                                                                                                                      Those terribly behaved sopranos who are overdressed, wear too much makeup, ridiculous jewellery and sing far, far too loud in any chorus or choir they join in a cloud of sickly sweet perfume.  The have gigantic egos to match the over-big hair and generally make life hell for those around them.  When together in a group, bitching, backstabbing and hysterics ensue.  They <i>always</i> know better than the conductor, can <i>always</i> sing better/louder/higher/with better vibrato/more on pitch than the soloists or [insert famous soprano's name here].  This was a term I coined during conversation with  [ profile] kitzen_kat  , and I'd be a right BDC if I didn't recognise her as my co-creator.  I believe the term BDC has many applications in life and feel free to use it.

2. Tea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Oh, tea.  Really, I adore tea.  My relationship with tea is very similar to that many people have with wine.  I love to try different teas and share them with everyone I know.  Each tea has unique qualities and the sources of tea really change the flavour.  I like the way different teas complement meals and how you have different teas for different times of the day. Both the extreme and subtle differences are endlessly fascinating and I love to have 'blind tastings' at tea shops to see if I can identify what they have available as samples. I have to admit, when I meet someone new and they mention they don't like tea, I always get a little pang of disappointment deep inside that makes my heart lurch a little.  Being able to share tea with someone makes me truly happy.  Tea is my ultimate relaxant, social lubricant and comforter.  I creates an environment where I feel completely comfortable.  Happy with either sitting in silence reflecting on the world or chatting merrily at a million miles per hour. Single origin teas are my new focus and I've really enjoyed tasting them and them comparing them to their blended counterparts.  Nothing beats having a cuppa.
3. Realistic, sensible approaches to parenting.                                                                                                                                                    Some days, I feel like a complete parental failure, but I remember that it's a perfectly normal part of having kids.  I think parents have had most of the common-sense, parental instincts crushed out of them by mass media, the perpetuation of the myth that nuclear-family units are the only way and consumerist culture.   Parenting is not something that can be done alone, kids need care, freedom and most of all unconditional love.  I think having Cara just before I turned 19 while studying education at Uni put a bit of a rebellious streak in my parental heart.  There was a general assumption that we would have a dragged/kicked up kid with no rules, bad beaviour who was fed crap food and ended up a loser because her parents were very young when she was born.  This was completely not the case and still isn't.  I was lucky to receive pragmatic advice from my mother who had five kids.  Her tips were: each pregnancy, birth and child is different.  The medical advice and best practice given changed so much with each of you so you can only do your best, listen to what people say and use your instincts to decide what is best for you, your child and your family.  You'll make mistakes and that's okay. My own bits of advice I like to give to new Mothers or Mothers feeling incompetent. Mothers need love and sleep too.  Babies require too much care for one person to give so take every offer of help you get.  I personally think sleep-deprivation is a huge cause of post natal depression and putting your new infant in a nursery where you've got to physically get out of bed all the time is asking for disaster.   

4. Bread making.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bread is one of my favourite foods.  It is a hands on practice that I do as much for the tactile experience as the taste.  I love kneading bread and feeling the yeast rising under my hands.  It's like a living, breathing entity that moves with you.   Taking a sticky mess that could easily become glue into a delicious food is amazing.  I love the variety that different flours and additions make to bread.  I hate bread makers, they take the fun out of it!  Bread making is also a great way to work off stress and to work on creating fluid movement with my hands.  It's a social food to create.  Simple, easy and a reminder that comes to those who wait.  The anticipation of watching bread rise, punching it down and kneading again and then having it rise in the tin for baking is satisfying.  Watching the girls become good bread kneaders really made me very proud.  They observed, experimented and created and now with the exclusion of wetting the yeast and putting it in a hot oven, they can make their own bread from scratch  Every single loaf/roll/langos made is unique, like people.  

5.  Having a brain and using it, especially in conversation                                                                                                                                  
 This one has surprised me.  I know I'm a total chatterbox.  I like to talk with people.  I enjoy knowing more about people, bouncing ideas off others and learning about the world through conversation.  It's a French thing, I think.  A good conversation  shows respect for the people around you.  It shows you value the intelligence of others by wanting to hear their opinions and thoughts.  I get inspired, excited and just exist in the moment during a good conversation, though often I fear people think I talk too much and should just shut up.  I like to make friends with people who like to talk to me.  Self-indulgent, I guess.  But really, how do you know people if you don't discuss things with them?  When people rely solely on the written word for their intellectual stimulation, they create a very 'concrete view' of their knowledge.  Conversation, however, is a state of flux.  You're able to make mental connections on the fly, review and revise your opinions in the light of the way someone says something.  It personalises different views and forces you to recognise that although you may not agree, there's a real person behind those thoughts.  It puts a human face to tolerance, humour and connection in a way that nothing else does.  Or, I'm just a chatterbox who likes the sound of her own voice.  
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 Today,  Shingo took me out, all day.  He has Fridays off and didn't get any extras today, so he planned to take me out.  

We went to see a free concert at lunch time, ate noodle soup, walked around the botanic gardens and then went to have afternoon tea at a little tea shop with a garden.  It was fantastic.  Today, we didn't run out of things to say and he apologised for being a bit silent of such.  I'm knackered now, but it's been really, really lovely. 

hope you're all well. 
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 A rather chavtastic woman said "i need to get my Mum to separate the egg yolks because I just hate it"...

now that's an even weirder phobia than my frog fear.
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 I had a guest over last night and a different one this afternoon.  Holy crap, people.  She's socialising!
Tonight we went to the night markets at the Queen Vic markets.  It was sensational and I had a beautiful big cup of sangria. 

I'm going to do tutoring for ESL students if possible for a while.  It'll help me get money without committing to something physically beyond me. I've got to advertise my butt off however.  Anyone want to make me a simple web site for English Editing and ESL tutoring and or design me some colour posters to get printed?  I simply do NOT have the energy or inclination at the moment to bother doing one.  
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 we have many bees flying around in our house.  I have managed to shoo about 15 out but there are still several buzzing around.  This has happened a few times.  It's weird.  We think they're kind of starving after the heatwave.
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 last night we went out.  after two hours we were so desperately incapable of sustaining the date we just went home.  The two hours we had were enjoyable anyway.
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This is a tonkatsu parfait. That's deep fried crumbed pork cutlets, served with ice cream and fruit. 

Let us not forget to worship this entry either.
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