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 This year Shin and I are observing Lent.  I thought about doing the 'no meat' thing, but Shin and I have chosen to observe in our own way.  We're going to only consume food and drinks made at home.  That includes our water, meals and snacks.  Of course, if I'm feeling unwell/ravenous and losing weight, it all goes straight out the window. 

For my family, Lent was always observed as a reminder that we do have so much and given everything that's going on in my life, it's good to proactively participate in things that remind me of what I have. 
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I'm giving up alcohol and probably also chocolate. I don't need either of them. I want to save the money that I would spend on those items (not much, I suppose) to give to an animal aid charity.

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I think that's a wonderful idea that you want to honour your religion/traditions. What dates are lent?