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noodella ([personal profile] noodella) wrote2009-02-24 10:36 pm

New Hair

This morning I woke up with a red face on my left side/nose (well redder than usual) and a lot of hair on my pillow. So I got one hell of a haircut today. I LOVE it so much. I love very short hair and it's an easier way to cope with hair loss.  

Sadly, the photos emphasize how much I've aged lately. The bags, lines and pigmentation are part of life, but I wouldn't trade my laugh lines for anything. I'm happy being capable of getting laugh lines!  Emmie thinks I look like an alien.

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no, to look like an alien you would need to be bald and grey :)

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It's a great haircut - suits you, and the feathering is done really well.

Old schmold.

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I got it done by a Malaysian guy, and he'd never cut a girl's hair that short before. He spent about 15 minutes on the feathering to get it perfect and I'm really impressed.

You can see the patches on the left side of my head where I just started losing my hair. I had no hair loss and then suddenly, patches fell out!

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If you get any completely bald spots, you should draw flowers on your scalp.

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An alien?? Lol! I agree with you about laugh lines. They're proof of a good life.
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I like your short haircut, especially the feathering around your cheek bones.

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I like your haircut. Very nice :)

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Aliens ROCK.