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noodella ([personal profile] noodella) wrote2009-02-23 09:49 pm

there was a what in your bag?

I'm not sure how it came about, but today, Shingo took an eggplant and a chili to work with him in his backpack.

Up there on the "weird stuff you didn't realise you'd taken with you" list.

What weird stuff have you taken about unknowingly?

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I own a HUGE bag that I purchased from Hong Kong. I mean, this thing is a MOTHER of a bag. Anyway, when I last cleaned it out, I found 3 apples at the bottom of it, and 6 lipglosses.

Firstly, who EVER needs 6 lipglosses at the one time - and were those apples multiplying or what?!!

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heehee! That's funny. My husband discovered Small One had put her cheerios in his work bag one day (dry ones).
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My daughter's undies. At least they were clean.