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Jane Austen

I have never been able to read a Jane Austen novel.  Even movies based on them are a bit hard for me to get through.  This year, I'd like to attempt to read 5 Jane Austen novels.  If they still make me want to poison all the characters and throw the books at people I don't like, then so be it. 

On that note, which Jane Austen book would you recommend I start with?  Which is least likely to make me want to strangle myself.   

Oh and tonight, I made "yellow" risotto, flavoured with tumeric because Emmie only eats yellow rice.

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My favorite has always been Pride and Prejudice, falled closely by Persuasion.

I always liked the strength of Eliza Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, and I like how Anne grows and changes in Persuasion.

Hopefully, these won't make you want to throw them at your friends and relatives!

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I would also recommend Pride and Prejudice as one of the greatest novels of all time, but they are all good. Forget the characters, forget the story – listen to Jane herself, enjoy her mind and the beautiful writing, the wonderful use of the English language.

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Let me know how you go. I've never managed to read an entire Austen either: I find them absolutely stultifying.

If you end up not hating them, I might try one again.