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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 09:55pm on 21/06/2009
Because I'm quite possessive of the handle noodella, I decided I must claim it at Dreamwidth as well. This is fair enough, because I've been noodella since I was a child and it's a term of endearment from my family.

So, I'm importing all my LJ entries...if you'd prefer to read them here.
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 08:15pm on 01/03/2009
 Comments are off for a while.  I'm too tired to answer comments and it's my party and I'll do whatever I want to. 

Temporarily on holiday from LJ. 
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 08:39am on 27/02/2009
I'm so vague this morning, I missed the toilet when I sat down and ended up with my arse in the laundry hamper instead.  Any ideas on how to fix cotton wool head with Emmie in two, a train trip ahead and no option to sleep for the next 3 hours or so.
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 11:16pm on 26/02/2009
 So i've calmed down, but I"m feeling better.  My phone is sending messages through about 4 hours too late.  If you text me, I may not respond until later/late. 

Sleep is elusive and I'm trying to make plans about next year...hope all is good and fairylandish for youxxx
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 10:51pm on 24/02/2009
 This year Shin and I are observing Lent.  I thought about doing the 'no meat' thing, but Shin and I have chosen to observe in our own way.  We're going to only consume food and drinks made at home.  That includes our water, meals and snacks.  Of course, if I'm feeling unwell/ravenous and losing weight, it all goes straight out the window. 

For my family, Lent was always observed as a reminder that we do have so much and given everything that's going on in my life, it's good to proactively participate in things that remind me of what I have. 
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 10:36pm on 24/02/2009
This morning I woke up with a red face on my left side/nose (well redder than usual) and a lot of hair on my pillow. So I got one hell of a haircut today. I LOVE it so much. I love very short hair and it's an easier way to cope with hair loss.  

Sadly, the photos emphasize how much I've aged lately. The bags, lines and pigmentation are part of life, but I wouldn't trade my laugh lines for anything. I'm happy being capable of getting laugh lines!  Emmie thinks I look like an alien.

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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 09:49pm on 23/02/2009
I'm not sure how it came about, but today, Shingo took an eggplant and a chili to work with him in his backpack.

Up there on the "weird stuff you didn't realise you'd taken with you" list.

What weird stuff have you taken about unknowingly?
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 09:48pm on 22/02/2009
Shin wants to experiment making the toffee strands that are used as a garnish on desserts.

I love's a real weakness of mine.  His experimenting is going to go straight on my hips and arse.  Yay... 
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posted by [personal profile] noodella at 07:15pm on 22/02/2009
I have never been able to read a Jane Austen novel.  Even movies based on them are a bit hard for me to get through.  This year, I'd like to attempt to read 5 Jane Austen novels.  If they still make me want to poison all the characters and throw the books at people I don't like, then so be it. 

On that note, which Jane Austen book would you recommend I start with?  Which is least likely to make me want to strangle myself.   

Oh and tonight, I made "yellow" risotto, flavoured with tumeric because Emmie only eats yellow rice.
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